10 secrets for a radiant Health!

1) A correct diet: eat natural foods and don't eat too much!

2) A correct posture: your spine must be straight and your chest more relaxed. Try to focus more on the energy in your spine e feel that your movements start from your inner center, located a little bit under your belly button.

(If you want to improve your posture you can go to a good T'ai Chi class or use my T'ai Chi Video Course that you can find here on my website!)

3) Proper breathing: it must be deep but light and it must involve the diaphragm.

4) Good physical exercise! The best disciplines that you can practice are the ones that can help you to feel and to be aware of your inner energy, your vital force. T'ai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga are perfect!

5) Daily meditation. Find a center of peace and stillness inside your heart. That will help you to face all the challenges of every day life!

6) Positive thinking. What you think you become. Remeber that!

7) Relaxation. Tensions can create desease in your body because they obstruct the correct flow of Qi (Energy).

8) Purity. Good feelings, good thinking, good books, good movies, good food, good air, good company. Purity on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

9) Non-attachment. This will lead you to inner peace! Work hard, do what you have to do and then...relax! Do not expect anything. Trust the process.

10) GRATITUDE! Open the door to abundance!